MARBLED Easter Eggs

These marbled Easter Eggs have been a long time favorite for our kids. We first made our Easter eggs this way in our initial year of blogging and we come back and re- share this DIY every year because its just that dang GOOD! And, you know, if it aint broke, don’t fix it!

Here’s what you need:

  • White mens Shaving Cream (any kind, original is fine)
  • Paints ( we used Crafsmart satin acrylic paint from Michaels – any craft store will have these)
  • Sharpie Metallic Paint pens (silver, gold and rose)
  • A dozen eggs ( We used faux white eggs- can be found at Walmart, Superstore or craft stores.. just make sure they are not “shiny”. Real eggs can also be used!)
  • Foil roasting pans or a metal cake pan
  • Straw or other tool
  • Paper towel- this gets a tad messy!




1.Begin by squirting white shaving cream onto a roasting pan/ cake pan and spreading it evenly.

2. Drip different colors of paint onto the shaving cream.  We used black, blue, pink and gold for accents.

We would recommend the most vibrant, bright colors you can find, as they tend to stand out best on the white eggs. Above you can see the three color schemes we chose.

3. Take a straw a swirl the colors together to get a marbleized look (see picture below!).



4.  Roll an egg on one side into the shaving cream/ color mixture and flip it over. Let it sit for 20 minutes and rinse clean under the tap! The shaving cream will wash away leaving only the paint on the eggs.


Look how little My Little man is in these first pics!! Bowen had so much fun doing this.  Just make sure kids are in clothes you don’t care about or, cover them up with a garbage bag like we did! Ha, Ha.


5. Add more detailing with the sharpie paint pens if desired!


6. Sit back and wait for the compliments to roll in on your awesome + original Easter eggs!




We want to see your fabulous marbleized eggs! Be sure to tag us on instagram  or send us an email at

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