Girl Crush: An Interview with Tiffany Pratt!

You may have heard of Tiffany Pratt, host of HGTV Canada’s ‘Home to Win’ and designer extraordinaire! and If you aren’t already a huge fan of hers- all you’ll need is one day of following along with her adventures on Instagram stories and you will be a TP die hard!  When we first discovered Tiffany Pratt, we were immediately taken with her vibrant and fun design philosophy, her trademark colorful hair, boundless energy and her hands-on approach. Her aesthetic never fails to make a bright first impression and inspire smiles. Tiffany started her career in fashion and beauty in New York City, but found great love teaching children art. She has a unique gift to see the exquisite in the unexpected which is reflected in her book This Can Be Beautiful, which is a visual and creative feast for anyone who wants to imagine and build a more beautiful life.  Her signature style mixes old with new and merges elegant with livable. No matter what she does, Tiffany lives and breathes her truth– that it does not take much to make magic. Suffice to say- Tiffany is our ultimate girl crush!

We were BEYOND thrilled to have the opportunity to connect with Tiffany and interview her prior to her upcoming appearance at the Edmonton Home and Garden Show taking place at the Edmonton Expo Center this weekend, March 22- 25, 2018.

RCS: We LOVE your use of vibrant hues in your design work! But we know incorporating bold color feels risky and daunting for many. What advice do you have for those who are hesitant to add bright tones to their space ?
TP: I ALWAYS SAY- GO SLOW! Colour is scary for most people because it means going against the grain and standing out! Once you do it and see how beautiful and painless it is–your love and additions or colour will keep growing. Just start with one shade that you like–buy some pillows and go from there!

RCS: What is your go-to color when you look to spice up a room?
TP: PINK! Anything in pink. There are so many shades and hues of pink that this is what I run to the most!
RCS: What was the most challenging design project you’ve worked on and why?
TP: Being a designer–you have to be a psychologist with really great spatial awareness. You need to solve problem on your feet and treat each day like a new beginning. Every project has its ups and downs. I cannot think of one that was easier or harder–they all present themselves in different ways. Regardless of the project or the challenge that might try and trip me up–I remember its not what is happening–it is how I am handling it that will make or break the project! Try to find the joy, the inspiration and have FUN!
RCS: Over the years you’ve done lots of televised design work. Do you have a favorite experience?
TP: Doing design and creating on television is a little different than creating in real life. The closest I have found the two in my life was filming the auction scenes for Buy it! Fix it!  Sell it! Those were some real nights, with real money and real bidding. That was really hunting and that was really challenging sometimes. I really loved hitting those auctions and finding those treasures. That was a fun memory!
RCS: We are obsessed with your Instagram stories- it seems like your work days are filled with fun and laughter! But we also know you are one busy gal! How do you  keep such a fresh, positive attitude in the midst of such a hectic schedule?
TP: Life is what you make it and I have made this life from the bottom up. I choose my busy schedule and I am so grateful to be busy and hectic doing this job and living this life. I would be wrong sharing anything but the fun. I want to spread joy and share laughter with people. That is what I am all about. Life is nuts sometimes and I work a lot—but I always try and find the fun and share the real life stuff so that people know and realize that I am just a real girl, with a real love for a life creative and I think being this way makes me relatable and honest. We all need a lot more of that…don’t we? I think it all comes down to the fact that I am grateful and I want to put out what I want to see. I don’t want to watch someone complaining about life–I want to see someone being funny and finding beauty in the everyday. So that is what I do.
RCS: At the upcoming Home and Garden Show you will be presenting on Affordable Luxury and how to Mix High and Low to get an incredible look. We too are huge fans of mixing high and low priced items. When it comes to doing so in a home decor setting, what are some of your must have high priced items?
TP: I don’t skimp on paint and wallpaper. There are few things that you can spend your money on that will be a good investment–but if you take care of your four walls they will take care of you. I am a big fan of luxury wallpapers that are thick and filled with beautiful patterns and textures. I also love Farrow and Ball paint. There is nothing quite like the highly pigmented density of clay based paint. Also–it is low VOC and ECO–so safe and beautiful. Very important. I also love splurge accessories. That means different things to different people..but I pick and choose those things with each client so that they feel they are spending on something that they will truly love!
RCS: Which decor elements can one get away with spending less on? Where are your favorite retailers to scoop said items?
TP: CHAIRS! CARPETS! Those are a few things that I know I can get away with finding at a super value. I don’t have a favorite retailer–but I can say that depending on your style–you can find something for less–EVERY TIME! All it takes is a little time and a hunters eye! Spending less is fun, but it often requires a little patience. Open your mind and enjoy the process of acquiring things for your home. The journey is often way more fun than the destination!
Suffice to say Tiffany is one amazing gal- with a definite knack for design, and eye for style!
For information on when Tiffany will be speaking on the topic “Affordable Luxury – how to mix high and low” this weekend or for more details on the Edmonton Home and Garden Show, click here!
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