Top Home Décor and Renovation Trends for 2018

If you are anything like us, January is one of our least favorite months of the year. The reality of the fact that it is STILL Winter has sunk in, and without any of the fun, festive activities of the holidays. By now,we’ve put away our Christmas décor and our homes feel like they are missing something… amiright? January always seems to be the month we get the itch to redecorate and refresh our homes, but.. where to start? Is it time for a full on reno or can we make a few small changes that leave a lasting impact?

We sat down with one of Edmonton’s most talented designers, Rosalyn Lazaruk, of Wicket Blue Interiors to get the scoop on the top 2018 trends in décor and renovation.

RCS: First, tell us a bit about the evolution of your career in interior design! How did Wicket Blue come to be?

RL: My journey into interior design is a different story than most.  I was looking for a career change after my son was born now 15 years ago.  It was time to find a career that not only worked with my lifestyle, an active mother of 2, but that also gave me time to unleash my creativity and pursue something that was my own.  Seeing as I was forever rearranging furniture, painting the walls or re-purposing this or that to work in my space, the industry of design seemed like a natural path.  I studied, shadowed a local designer and worked as a design consultant, all the while asking lots of questions!  In 2004 it was time and I was ready to go out on my own and so Wicket Blue Interiors was born. Starting small with color consultations and space planning to now working on major home renovations,  show homes, event display and décor.  My involvement in events has also lead to me shaking my fear of  the microphone and I have grown to love doing presentation on what I do best…Design & Décor.  I write and style regular features in community publications around the city. As I have grown as a designer and stylist it has become clear that my true love is vintage mid century design.  Always inspired by the architecture,  furniture, lighting, patterns and textiles of this era it is truly what is beginning to define not only myself but Wicket Blue Interiors. 

RCS:What do you consider to be the top renovation design trends for 2018?

RL: We are seeing a lot of pattern and color coming back into our interior spaces.  Pattern cement floor tiles, bold color on our backsplashes, painted cabinets, and lots and lots of wallpaper!  Oh and don’t forget the velvet…everything in velvet!
(all images provided by Rosalyn Lazaruk)

RCS: You’ve told us that your true love is vintage mid century design. How do you marry current trends with this style?

RL: The beautiful thing about Mid Century Modern design is that it is what influences so much of what we see today in furniture and decor.  The design style is not only beautiful in form but also in function making it a great base for other trends and styles to layer with.  I think spaces and homes are much more interesting when you mix different design styles together creating a unique look that is all your own.  

RCS: How would you suggest incorporating current design trends on a limited budget?

RL: Textiles!  Toss pillows, bedding, accent chairs, ottomans etc!  Textiles and upholstery add color, pattern and texture to a space giving you the most for your money.  

RCS: When starting a renovation project, which tasks do you suggest should be prioritized?
RL: Even if you are planning on taking on your renovation in stages it is important to have an understanding of the full scope of the project.  Starting with a full “wants” vs. “needs” lists, this will help you prioritize and stay within budget!  Doing some planning ahead will also let your renovations flow from room to room so the home has a cohesive feel once all completed.  

RCS: Is there any current design style or trend you particularly dislike?
RL: Pantone’s color of the year this year is Ultra Violet…unless in a children’s space this is a color I have a hard time getting behind!   My natural inclination is to go towards a green and blue neutrals in a space so violet is not going to work there! 

RCS: What are your “go- to” retailers and suppliers in Edmonton for finding the most on- trend décor pieces and accents?

RL: We all have to agree that Home Sense is a must go to for some of the best prices and biggest range of décor but we have lots of great local shops as well!  For tile, River City Tile and Tile & Stone Source are my first stops, and for flooring I can always find what I need at Divine Flooring.  For countertops, I am very loyal to Flo Form Countertops, they have exceptional products and provide outstanding service!  When it comes to furniture, there are lots of great stops in the city, for a more modern aesthetic- F2 Furnishings, Revolve Furnishings and of course Dwell Modern are must visits.  If you are more on the contemporary or traditional side take a look at Christopher Clayton, newly purchased by Park Lighting which in turn has a great range of lighting choices! 
We hope this information helps bring you and your home out of the January doldrums! For more inspiration and ideas- come check 0ut the upcoming Edmonton Renovation Show coming up January 26th-18th at the Northlands Expo Center. Rosalyn will be presenting  “Renovation Runway” where she will take and even more in depth tour of these latest renovation trends in an on site “home”. You can even stroll through the different rooms and themes of the Renovation Runway and find a showcase of exhibitors that will match for your goals for renovation! Whether you want to take on the traditional or keep it contemporary, Rosalyn can help you pair your inner-expression with dazzling new ideas that will ensure your home space is exactly what you dream of! Be sure to head over to our Instagram page to enter to win one of three pairs of Tickets to the Edmonton Renovation Show!

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