Over the Edge Adventure

If you follow along on our Instagram Stories @rivercitysisters you likely saw bits and pieces of an amazing event I participated in called Rope for Hope, on behalf of Make-a-Wish Northern Alberta. I must admit, when I was first asked to take part in this event, and rappel down the side of a TWENTY FOUR story building in downtown Edmonton, my initial reaction was “no”. Scratch that. “HELL NO”!

Here’s the thing…I am not one of those people who has a bucket list full of objectives like skydiving or bungee jumping. Not only am I scared of heights, but I’m basically an huge pansy when it comes to any sort of activity where I am required to push myself beyond my comfort zone. We’ve all read those inspiring quotes about how ‘nothing great ever comes from comfort zones’ and blah blah blah, but to be quite honest I love my comfort zone and am quite happy there!

That being said, when I thought about the challenges that these children have had to overcome in their lives with regard to illnesses, I figured the least I could do was step out of my comfort zone! So I said yes to participating and didn’t give it another thought. That was, until the night before I was set to rappel. Then, ALL of the nerves set in, and I could barely sleep.

I awoke the next morning still terrified, but I was determined that I could do it. It couldn’t be that hard right? Driving downtown, my hands were shaking, and I’m fairly certain that my signature on the release form looks like my toddler scribbled it! A funny thing happened after that though.  I was introduced to some of the kids who had their wishes granted through the Foundation, and after hearing their stories and getting to know them, the stress of my upcoming rappel melted away.

I had the chance to chat with one young lady in particular, Bella, who had her wish granted A few years ago. When I asked her what she wished for, she told me she had wanted to go volunteer at an Orphanage in a rural town in Mexico. I almost choked on my water. Here was a young girl, about to start High School, who had already been through so much in her life, and with her big wish all she wanted to do was go and help other people suffering worse than she. Can you say #goals?? THIS I realized, was why I said yes. No further encouragement required!

Shortly thereafter, we were geared up and headed to the roof to begin our big descent.  I won’t lie, looking down twenty-four stories from the top of the building, as we were clipped in and given final instructions, definitely brought back some nerves. But thinking about Bella and her experience definitely gave me the boost I needed- especially when It came to the toughest part- getting over the edge!  After that hurtle, I just concentrated on taking in the view and trying not to go too fast (the pansy in me is alive and well!).

Start of the Descent! ( That’s me on the right!)



Almost at the Bottom!


When I arrived at the bottom the feeling was incredible! I was so happy to be done, but even happier to have been able to participate in a small way for a cause that is so HUGE!

Bella hooking me up with the Hardware!


Bella and I at the bottom (phew)!


If you have some time in the next two days, head downtown to the park in front of the Crown Plaza Hotel and cheer on the brave folks rappeling! Many have put a lot of time and effort into raising funds for their rappel, and I’m sure, like me, they can use all the encouragement they can get! Thank you so much to Make-a-Wish Northern Alberta for inviting me to take part in Rope for a Hope! Mackenzie and I are both such proud Edmontonians, and are so passionate about supporting people in our city doing wonderful things, so I really was so honoured to be included.

For those of you curious about Bella’s story and to know more about her Make a Wish Experience, Check out this inspiring video!



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