Winning at Winners

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There are two kinds of shoppers: those who like browsing and those who can’t stand it. personally, I like it. I find it therapeutic. However, I understand where the haters are coming from. Sometimes you don’t have extra time to spend scouring the racks. And honestly, some people just don’t have the patience for it, I get it. No judgement. BUT, they are missing out on a lot of really great clothes at super reasonable prices.

Over the past few years, I’ve gotten shopping at Winners down to a science. I can be in and out in less than a half hour with a bag of clothes and a receipt that proves I’ve spent less than $100.00. So, today I’m sharing my formerly secret tips for winning at Winners with you!

1. First and arguably most important, don’t go to Winners when you’re in a rush. Give yourself at least an hour to look through the racks and to try your finds on. You probably wont even need an hour to find something you love, but if you’re pressed for time you’ll be rushing and stressed, and it  will likely ruin the whole experience for you, and could even potentially prevent you from shopping at Winners in the future.

2.Know where to look. I get it, there are a lot of racks, none of them look alike…. It can be overwhelming. Start at the racks that boarder the “main” racks; the ones on the periphery! These racks typically contain clothing from a couple of different designers, with several of the SAME item in different sizes. These racks also tend to carry great brands like Kate Spade.  Its a good place to get your toes wet before you dive in.

3.Really, step three is an extension of step two, and my biggest secret and key tip for success: the Junior Section!. The Junior Section, or “Mode for Juniors”, at my Winners, is much smaller then the Ladies section, so already its less overwhelming. BUT  It contains less “fluff” and more of the good stuff, AND at half the price. Most of the clothing in the junior section is on trend, because, lets face it, the teenagers and young ladies today ARE trendy  (not like when we were teenagers…yikes). You can find  all the same styles of clothing in the Junior section that you would in the Ladies section, from silk camisoles and blouses, to dresses and pants, but for a fraction of the price. The SAME stuff, for CHEAPER! AND it’s way easier to find.  Less sifting, more pulling off the rack. It’t a no brainer, really.

4. Shop Regularly! Swing by on your way home from work, or while you’re running your weekend errands. Different Winners have different stock days, some are stocked several days a week, while others are stocked less often. If you had an unsuccessful shopping day due to lack of stock, don’t give up. You’ve likely been shopping just before a stock day. Try again a couple of days later and you’ll find the sections replenished!

Now, I’m not saying to write off the Women’s section. There is still a ton of great finds in there! Its a great place to look for items like blazers, pencil skirts, dress shorts and other business casual items. The dress section is also amazing. I have found SEVERAL Kate Spade dresses for incredible prices! You can of course, still find casual items in this section as well… it’s just easier and less overwhelming in the Junior section. Save the Women’s section for when you’re feeling more brave, ha ha!

Black Scalloped top $11.99, Burgundy tank with Lace detailing 16.99

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Blue Scalloped top $19.99, Light pink off the Shoulder Top, $14.99

Black Sleeveless top with scoop back, $34.00

White Racerback Tank (also purchased in grey and black- and is usually in stock!!) $19.99


I hope you’re feeling brave enough to take on Winners armed with our strategies! Maybe we’ll even run into you scouring the racks?!

Find any amazing items at Winners using our strategy? We want to hear about it! Tag us in your scores @rivercitysisters on instagram or email us at

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