Hitting Reset: One Day Glow Cleanse

We’re not sure if it’s been this yucky grey weather, or a persisting chocolate hangover from Easter, but we have had a serious case of the blah’s lately! We have both been experiencing constant headaches and have been having trouble getting restful sleeps, which is no fun at ALL.

We’ve mentioned before that we follow a general 80/15/5 Rule where lean proteins, fruit and vegetables make up about 80% of meals, Dairy and Gluten Free Grains (quinoa, rice, oats) make up 15% of our meals, leaving room for about 5% other (chocolate and wine! ha, ha). BUT even though we eat healthy and exercise daily, sometimes a person just hits a plateau and needs to push the RESET button!

Enter Glow Juicery.  When we first heard about the option of a “One Day Cleanse” we thought this would be a good way to ease ourselves into it.. after all, neither of us has ever done a cleanse before.  We were hopeful that this would be a simple and convenient way to detoxify our bodies, rejuvenate our minds, and even kick start us on our summer bod goals! After all, bathing suit season is JUST around the corner!

While we’ve had many Glow Juices over the past few years, we did still have our reservations. Would it be difficult? Would it be near impossible to give up our “normal” food for a day? Would one day be enough to see or feel a change? Would it be overwhelming to incorporate “another thing” into our already busy lifestyles?

The answer: We LOVED it! It was 100% worth switching up our daily routine. We were able to integrate the cleanse seamlessly into our days. As two girls CONSTANTLY on the go- I dare say cleansing was actually more convenient! Mackenzie took her juices and salad with her to the hospital (hooray for not having to meal prep the night before!) and Richelle was able to have hers on hand (aka in car!) for preschool drop- off/pick-up, post- work out and running errands.

Cleansing actually freed up time in our days! We were both slightly nervous that the juice and salad would not be able to sustain us after difficult training sessions, but were pleasantly surprised to find that we actually had more energy than usual after hitting the gym.  PLUS that was without our usual venti hit of caffeine! Today, post- cleanse, we awoke rested after deep sleeps, we both feel invigorated, and find ourselves craving fresh fruits and veggies! Can you say #resetsuccess!?!

If you are feeling like you are in a slump with your current lifestyle, and need to do something to change it up, we highly recommend doing a cleanse with Glow.  Even if you already lead a healthy lifestyle, eating more plant- focused for a period of time can take your fitness and wellness to a whole new level!

Starting May first, Glow is launching  the Glow 14 Day Challenge  where clients will experience a more holistic approach to wellness by combining fitness, yoga and healthy eating. Participants, will enjoy 2 raw salads and 2 juices daily, as well as have access to deals at various fitness and yoga studios around the city. This challenge is designed to both jumpstart those summer intentions, and also to remind us how great we feel when we choose healthy foods consistently! For more information on this, visit Glow’s website or check out their Instagram.

Now, arguably the most EXCITING part of this blog post… River City Sisters and Glow want to give one of our amazing followers a free One Day Glow Challenge! Head over to our instagram page here to get the full details!

Have a Fantastic Friday Everyone!


Have you juice cleansed before? Have we inspired you to give it a try? We want to hear from you. Send us and email over at rivercitysisters@gmail.com or tag us at @rivercitysisters on instagram!

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